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What’s the new opportunity after COVID-19 virus?

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The strong Covid-19 virus has a profound  impact on many enterprises around the  world. As far as the hotels, laundry  factories and healthcare facilities are  concerned, the losses suffered by the  epidemic are very large. It is absolutely a  dark moment for the whole industry of  above facilities.

Although the control of Covid-19 situation  in some countries or regions is getting  better, the hotel,laundry factories and  healthcare facilities may be in recovery,  but   the overall situation is not optimistic.  In the face of the recent downturn, how can we reduce the cost? how can we obtain more high-quality customers and maintain a high operating rate? How can we improve the washing qualitys? All these are very important in the current situation.

 In China,lots of textile manufacturers and textile linen companies have found that after Covid-19 virus, the demands for textile linen leasing from hotels and healthcare facilities have increased significantly than any year in the past, and the volume of consultation related to renting linen has also reached a high record. This situation is still continuing.

In the rapid development of linen leasing business, the enabling effect of IOT (Internet of Things) RFID technology in linen leasing and washing process management has been obviously reflected. RFID technology can help textile rental enterprises to effectively control the cost of linen and leasing from the technical and financial aspects, it can help to reduce the single lease cost of linen, it can help to optimize the quatity of inventory, and it can help to improve the surrounding rate of textile lease. Moreover, RFIID technology can help laundry factoies improve the efficiency and accuracy of linen counting, and reduce the loss rate of linen, furthermore it can be used in improving the automation level of sorting and packaging in laundry factory. 

SPOTAG has the capacity of 25 million RFID laundry tags per year, guaranteeing with 200 industrial washing cycle life. In addition, it has obvious price advantages over similar products in European and American markets. SPOTAG is looking for region agents and also invites the agents to visit the factories of SPOTAG in Chian after the Covid-19 situation enableing us to do.


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