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Why Spotag is Better?

  • Excellent Cost Performance

  • High Reliability

  • Sufficient Capacity Of Production

  • Customization Available

We are the real factory which can provide the EXCELLENT COST PERFORMANCE tags to you.

RFID Textile laundry tag --- Can help to save 30% or more of cost of laundry tags. Can guarantee 200 industrial washing cycles.

Plastic On Metal Tags --- Can help to save 25% to 50% of cost of tags comparing those from famous brands in Europe or USA.

Printable On Metal Tags --- Can help to save 20% or more of cost of tags.

PCB/Ceramic On Metal Tags --- Can help to save 30% to 50% of cost of tags.

Customized RFID tags --- Can help to save 30% or more of cost.

We’re of reliabilities testers.

100% visual inspection.

100% function testing, all the data can be tracked back.

Be of Voyantic Tagformace testers mass production, and guarantee the RF consistency of tags.

Be of the reliability testers, such as Temp Shocking tester, Temp cycle tester, Temp Aging tester, Static generator, Push force tester, Tensile tester, and so on.

Be of the engineers focusing on Reliability Analysis.

We’re of two mass production bases, the one for hard tags, the other one for soft tags, and currently we’re seting up the 3rd production base for plastic injection products.

RFID Textile Laundry tags --- 100K pcs daily output of textile laundry tags, and can expand the daily output basing on the requirement of customer in no more than 1.5 months.

Plastic On Metal Tags --- 24K pcs daily output.

PCB/Ceramic On Metal Tags --- 100K pcs daily output.

Printable On Metal Tags --- 200K pcs daily output.

Customized RFID tags --- TBD.

We respect Patents and intellectual property of customers and others.

Our design team has awarded by Jiangsu province government by “Top Talent Team”.  Team members are of more than 15 years of RF antenna and RFID tags design and reliability testing experience.

Be of the abilities of RFID tag design, sample building, reliability testing, function test, pilot run, and mass production.

Fast reponse of customization.

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What is RFID & RFID tag?

What is RFID?

What is RFID?

RFID is an abbreviation for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart cards are captured by a special reader via radio waves.

Nowdays, people use RFID technolody to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. It can dramatically improve efficiency to creat social value and economic value .

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What is RFID tag?

What is RFID tag?

RFID Tags are small objects that contain a chip and an antenna for wireless identification of the objects, they have active tag (built-in power source) and passive tag (without power source). A passive tag will not send its own signal. It must firstly be scanned by a signal sent from a reader. Then the reader sends energy to the tag’s antenna, which turns the energy into radio frequency (RF) waves and sends a signal back to the reader.

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